(Pt.1) Your Mortgage Is Already Paid In Full ! ! ! (A Revisit)

English National Gr Sheik Clifford Jefferson El Bey from the House of Geoffery Chancellor Solicitor Free Inhabitant’s Email: freeinhabitantlivingman@gmail.com …


  1. Hi i a. From NJ yes i pretty much know about this and you are saying is very very well CORRECT!!My question is can i purchase a house now and get the reconvance of my home as soon as i purchase cause i know the house is mine the minute i signed the paperwork and do you help with that. We tried to my mom's house done lost 3k she has passed on now

  2. I asked this question on another person's comment before realizing that it should have been entered separately. My apologies for that. I would really like to connect the dots for an English National, as opposed to an American National, if we are connected to this land mass (North America) by birth, AND the births of our ancestors. How does one circumvent the doctrine of jus soli? Thank you.

  3. Hello brother I'm in the Trenton area…How do I go about getting the proper paperwork from u? I've seen alot of grand master moors well what they call themselves get arrested for trying your similar methods talk a good one until when the cops come…

  4. How can you help me do the same or is this something I can do? I actually filed chapter 7 and the mortgage was discharged but I was told that I would have to continue the monthly payments if I wanted to stay in the house.

  5. Peace, I had a consultation with Clifford Jefferson El Bey
    yesterday. Very powerful information !!!It is almost like a 360, but as you see for yourself these Brothers are breaking down doors that most of US never even knew exists. Thank you both, I look forward to future info and Builds !!!

  6. I knew this…..but your right family…it's beautiful. All I can think of is the verse that says…..he that is first (us) shall be last (us) and he that is last (us) shall he first (us) it's all us family!!Hey…….I swear the universe is right on time. I just changed my name last week and should have the order in the mail box. However, I will make it a point to mention my English Nobility and history behind it in the Acceptance letter for the name change. Because the state has been sketchy with the Birth certificate I.e. printing them in the English grammatical version, I authenticated that one, so again I will spell out my English Nobility via the surname Dean and the fact that it is Copywritten, trade marked, plus it is annexed via the language by the department of state.So twice, in two acceptance documents I will mention and reference and make clear my intension not to distance myself from my Old English birthrite heritage.

  7. yo your man has the power ,but bro you talk too much and you make a hole lot of noise for what? you repeat your self as if your retarded you should stop talk so much so that people can listen to whats being said. thats not going to help you get money its actually a turn off because your making so much noise for no reason and your not the the plug its your man. stop so and let your man do the talking your mouth doesn't sell its the information your man has that sells . facts don't get me wrong the information is real talk but your voice is annoying facts . YOU ONE OF YOUR BOY?? stop be a good assistant stop cutting him off when he's talking FACTS FYI when you leave someone a message check your spelling

  8. “You can refuse to pay on your mortgage” “student loan, car loan.,.. already paid in full” “rents can be paid by status… or a negotiable instrument “ you are one stupid animal! Love the video where the judge handed you a judgement debt and an eviction notice! Pay your bills you thieving low class piece of ghetto trash, or enjoy the consequences!

  9. Greetings Family! I AM MARI BeyThank You for this great information I would more than like to see the original copies of all the forms It’s a pleasure to meet You Thank You Very Much

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