Negative Mortgage Interest Rates and Other Interest Rate News

I don’t speak Danish, but Jyske Bank, Denmark’s third largest bank, is offering its customers “negativ rente”. What does “negativ rente” mean? Negative interest …


  1. A lot of financial software programs weren't designed for negative interest rates as its un heard of.I'd be a bit worried about taking a loan for investment as normally I claim the interest from the government instead the government may claim the interest from me.

  2. They are doing everything they can to avoid a recession but in so doing avoiding the inevitable. Just kicking the can down the road and inflating the debt bubble further. Let the recession come and reset the economy.

  3. I hope they do. I got a huge frickin mortgage and the Perth economy is too shit for the high repayments. Only way I’ll ever pay this thing off is with negative rates 👍 I’m in servitude now.

  4. possible strategy of mine is to learn to embrace entropy, continue to observe what been occurring in japan for several decades. an eventual decline must be a possible natural result of so much consistent likely is a big war? just like a bush fire, after the destruction, fresh growth springs anew, maybe this is what will occur, and is part of the natural cycle, to which the uninitiated in the cycles/patterns of history, might seem like a black swan daily, perhaps that might be a topic of which u may speak, nicolas nassim taleb coining of the phrases,” black swan event” and ” anti fragility”, if u dont know these terms, methinks you,ll take to them like a platypus to water.also any increased hypothetical extrapolations would be of keen interest to us.yoroishiku

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